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A Green Home Design by demand is now available World Wide!

Pontoon Boats & Barges

Built to order or Shipped in Kit Form anywhere in Central America!

Welcome to our site. We manufacture HDPE pontoon boats, barges, vehicle carriers, platforms and houseboats bases from 4.50m to 20.00m.

Carrying capacity from 4000 kgs to 20,000 kgs (40,000lbs)

All our boats are designed to be transported in a sealed container or by truck, making the delivery cost-effective and secure.

Some on-site assembly may therefore be required.

We can customize our pontoon boats and floating homes to suit your requirements, and have added moon-pools, cranes,

vehicle ramps, upper decks, and even boat slips and stereo-systems.

If you have a specific requirement, please contact us and we will take the time to look at your specs and we will ALWAYS reply.

Booze-Cruise/ Floating Restaurant Special

This brilliant has seating for up to 60passengers, two sun decks, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 Full Bar, Lots of storage space, twin transoms, a front boarding-dive deck, and angled nose-cones for easy beaching.

Ideal for sunset-cruises, tourist outings or on-the-water entertainment. Also available as a Floating Hostel/Fishing Lodge

                                                                              Turn Key Price starts at $35,000 less engines

Heavy Hauler Cruise Boat

Our smallest 4 pontoon unit has a carrying capacity of 6000 kgs, Our largest units can carry 20,000 kgs and up! This very stable platform solves the problem of “Pontoon Effect” caused by overloading one side of some double and triple pontoon designs causing them to flip. Four pontoons makes this nearly impossible even when the boat is loaded wrong. These boats can carry tons of goods and passengers with ease. Designs are available in oxide coated galvanized steel or Aluminium.

                                                                                               From  $22,000

Small Entertainment Cruiser 10.50m x 5.00m

Our 10.50x5.00m with upper deck can carry up to 7000kgs, and has the space to be whatever you want it to be.

A good base for a small houseboat, a floating restaurant, a party boat, etc. Designs are available in oxide coated galvanized steel or Aluminium. 

                                                                           From $19,000 less motors 


         This money maker  - Will Hold up to 25 passengers and starts at only  $9,000. Designs are available in oxide coated galvanized steel or                                                                                                               Aluminium. 

                    Personal /Sport boat designs are our most affordable dual pontoon designs and start at under $6,000 for 10 passenger and up designs



Our range of work platforms and boats is limited to a maximum carrying capacity of about 20 tons,

20.00m (60’) long and 7.00m wide.

We can, within reason and the laws of physics, custom design work platforms for most applications.

For added safety, we also have the pontoons filled with flotation and engineered load factors and loading guidelines.

                                                                                Please contact us with your requirements.

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